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'Noren cotton curtains from JapanNoren' are a short cotton or linen curtain hung in a shop or restaurant doorway indicating that a shop is open for business.

'Noren' make for an elegant entrance in any room and are now used in Japanese homes as a door or partition curtain. 'noren' are split down the middle, so you walk straight through.

Simply place a wooden or bamboo dowel through the seamed passage at the top to hang your 'noren'. Our 'noren' are printed with typical Japanese motifs and colors and made from a 100% natural materials.

These noren make ideal gifts for you, your home or business and friends.

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View Arimatsu Gourd Noren

Arimatsu Gourd Noren

Our Price: $69.00

View Arimatsu Noren

Arimatsu Noren

Our Price: $69.00

View Bamboo Shop Noren

Bamboo Shop Noren

Our Price: $49.99

View Bath Noren In Blue & Red

Bath Noren In Blue & Red

Our Price: $29.99

View Craft Shop Noren

Craft Shop Noren

Our Price: $39.99

View Flower Rabbit Noren

Flower Rabbit Noren

Our Price: $87.00

View Four Seasons Autumn Noren

Four Seasons Autumn Noren

Our Price: $65.00

View Hokusai Noren Curtain

Hokusai Noren Curtain

Our Price: $39.99

View Indigo Gourd Noren Curtain

Indigo Gourd Noren Curtain

Our Price: $98.00

View Japanese Bath Noren

Japanese Bath Noren

Our Price: $79.99

View Kabuki Actor Curtain

Kabuki Actor Curtain

Our Price: $98.00

View Large Craft Shop Noren

Large Craft Shop Noren

Our Price: $69.99

View Large Gourd Noren

Large Gourd Noren

Our Price: $67.50

View Large Sash Noren

Large Sash Noren

Our Price: $67.50

View Large Shigunshi Japanese Noren

Large Shigunshi Japanese Noren

Our Price: $67.50

View Maru Noren

Maru Noren

Our Price: $97.99

View Onsen Noren

Onsen Noren

Our Price: $79.99

View Sakura Sprinkle Noren

Sakura Sprinkle Noren

Our Price: $87.00

View Wave Noren

Wave Noren

Our Price: $35.99

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