Goods From Japan is the place to visit for lovely presents and gifts from Japan. Beautiful Japanese gifts from Japan & the Far East.

Ranging from practical items such as Japanese-English electronic dictionaries, kitchenware, and toys to paintings, byobu folding screens, ornaments, Ozora, TK Master 16 and Shin Fuji kendama and accessories hand-made by Japanese artisans and artists.

Instant payment options by credit card with Paypal. Clients may also pay using bank transfer to our Japanese bank or by using international postal money orders.

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Featured Sports Wear

View Hiroshima Carp Baseball Cap

Hiroshima Carp Baseball Cap

Our Price: $42.99

View Hanshin Tigers Cap

Hanshin Tigers Cap

Our Price: $38.99

Featured Food and Drink

View Soyjoy Energy Bars

Soyjoy Energy Bars

Our Price: $1.49

View Instant Miso Soup

Instant Miso Soup

Our Price: $19.99

View Green Tea KitKat

Green Tea KitKat

Our Price: $4.25

View Calorie Mate Pack of 10

Calorie Mate Pack of 10

Our Price: $28.99

View Chefs Knife (Gyuto)

Chefs Knife (Gyuto)

Our Price: $179.00


View Official Kendama TK16 Master

Official Kendama TK16 Master

Our Price: $18.99

View Colorful Jumbo Kendama L

Colorful Jumbo Kendama L

Our Price: $59.99

View Ozora Street Black Kendama

Ozora Street Black Kendama

Our Price: $33.99

View Shin Fuji Hokkaido Limited

Shin Fuji Hokkaido Limited

Our Price: $39.99

View Official Kendama Shin Fuji

Official Kendama Shin Fuji

Our Price: $15.98

View Ozora Kendama

Ozora Kendama

Our Price: $19.99

Japanese Footwear

View Lafeet Zipang Red

Lafeet Zipang Red

Our Price: $129.00

View Lafeet For Nurses

Lafeet For Nurses

Our Price: $89.99

View Tabi Socks Kabuki Actor

Tabi Socks Kabuki Actor

Our Price: $4.99

View Lafeet Zipang Black & Pink

Lafeet Zipang Black & Pink

Our Price: $135.00

View Lafeet Zipang White & Red

Lafeet Zipang White & Red

Our Price: $129.00

View Lafeet Zipang Black & Silver

Lafeet Zipang Black & Silver

Our Price: $135.00

Kewpie Dolls

Japanese Art & Crafts

View Blue Happi Coat

Blue Happi Coat

Our Price: $49.99

View Black Happi Coat

Black Happi Coat

Our Price: $49.99


Goods From Japan KK is a registered company in Japan with both foreign and Japanese staff. We welcome wholesale orders for all our items and also act as agents for purchasing Japanese goods on Yahoo auctions (specializing in high-end Japanese audio and stereo equipment), Amazon Japan or from other Japanese online stores.

Choose regular mail or EMS registered to ship your purchases. Goods From Japan works in association with the following Japanese companies and artists: Asahi Samples, Komori Happi, Kuraya Byobu, Hero Flutes, Shin Fuji Kendama, Tiger & Co. Ltd.

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