Japan Webmoney Service

Are you a regular customer at any of these Japanese online stores below? Customers in Japan are able to use an easy, convenient, and secure payment system called Webmoney, accepted by all these stores. Now you can take advantage of the Webmoney system, even from overseas.

Japan Webmoney is an online payment method similar to a Japanese debit card that can be used to make Internet purchases at select sites.


Webmoney Japan can be used to make purchases at many online stores in Japan. It acts as a prepaid card for sites related mainly to games, anime, manga, etc. (for a partial list, see the bottom of this page).

GoodsFromJapan.com can assist in purchasing credits for you from Japanese convenience stores, then you can use those credits in your webmoney "wallet" to make purchases. Using a simple fee structure, we will get the product to your door.

We also provide a similar service for other online currencies such as BitcashEX etc.

For all inquiries, please contact Sales.

Webmoney Fee Structure

1. 15% of the cost of the credits you purchase*

We can purchase prepaid cards for you, and, after receiving payment (Paypal, bank wire into GoodsFromJapan's company bank account), purchase credits on the client's behalf on webmoney. At this point, the client can go into her/his account and begin shopping.

If the event that a client requires GoodsFromJapan.com to arrange shipping and or deal with the seller, s/he will be charged 2,000 yen per purchase.

In addition, where applicable, the client will be charged:

1. the cost of EMS shipping from Japan

2. domestic shipping to our offices

*For webmoney credit purchases under 30,000 yen, there is a flat fee of 4,000 yen.

To get started, please contact Sales.


  1. For Webmoney purchases that total 30,000 yen (c.USD300) or less in which the client requires the assistance of GoodsFromJapan.com, there is a maximum limit of one purchase per business day.
  2. GoodsFromJapan.com bears no responsibility for dissatisfaction with an item. GoodsFromJapan contacts the seller and arranges shipping to the client. For items purchased on any Japanese online site there are no returns.
    In the event of damage, the client will need to contact and work with the shipping company for reimbursement.
  3. For items larger than the EMS shipping limit (see below), there is a $50 shipping surcharge.
  4. For shipping orders that require special packing by the shipping company, the cost of packing is the responsibility of the client.
  5. All customs, import duties, taxes, and any related fees are the responsibility of the client.
  6. Storage fees will be charged on all items that are held for more than 5 days. For car rims and tires, the fee is 22,000 yen/month, 500 yen/day for each day thereafter. For smaller items, the fee is 5,000/month per item and space is limited.
  7. GoodsFromJapan.com does not pack or repack items. In the event that this is required, there is a 2,000 yen packing fee per box.
  8. Reselling items is not possible.
  9. GoodsFromJapan.com will only contact sellers and/or do English-Japanese translation (inquiries) for items that cost 50,000 yen or more.
  10. GoodsFromJapan.com accepts no liability for any trouble the client may experience with sellers.


EMS is the Japanese post office's express overseas shipping service. All items are insured, and can be traced online. Size and weight limitations apply.

Maximum Size

  • Maxiumum length = 1.5m (1.8m to China)
  • Maximum length + Circumference = 3m

Maximum Weight: 30kg

For all inquiries, please contact Sales.

Sites that use Webmoney:


  • http://www.anime-bb.com/
  • http://www.aii.co.jp/
  • http://www.animate.tv/


  • http://douga.nifty.com/
  • http://www.showtime.jp/


  • http://www.papy.co.jp/

Music (CD/DVD)

  • http://www.hmv.co.jp/
  • http://listen.jp/store/
  • http://www.at-elise.com/


  • http://www.horistore.com/
  • http://mangazenkan.com/
  • http://3ta.jp/


  • http://www.playonline.com/ff11/index.shtml (Final Fantasy XI)
  • http://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/
  • http://nine.gameleon.jp/ (9dragons)
  • http://www.mh-frontier.jp/
  • http://perfect-w.jp/
  • https://talesweaver.nexon.co.jp/beginner/


  • https://s.shop.vector.co.jp/service/
  • http://games.msn.co.jp/
  • http://www.photos.jp/


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