Drop Shipping Service

Have an online business? A brick-and-mortar shop? Want to sell great Japanese goods?

GoodsFromJapan.com will ship its high quality merchandise for you. It's easy, safe, and fun.

You earn, we ship.

For all inquiries, please contact Sales.


  1. 1-49 items (5% markdown on retail)
    200 yen surcharge per item shipped
  2. 50-99 items (7% markdown on retail)
    100 yen surcharge per item shipped
  3. 100 items or more (10% markdown on retail)
    50 yen surcharge per item shipped


  1. All client correspondence is the responsibility of the seller (not GoodsFromJapan.com)
  2. GoodsFromJapan will do returns only in the event of having shipped the wrong item
  3. Payment is required prior to shipping
  4. Payment options include Paypal, international wire transfer, and US bank check (a $10 users fee will be levied, and the items will not be shipped until the check clears)
  5. All orders must use EMS shipping


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