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Japanese Folding Fans

Japanese fans evolved into an art form during the Edo period, 1690-1868. Not only are they exquisitely decorated, but the thin wooden panels splay in a way that conjures up the radiating sun's rays, or the leaves those rays give life to and sustain.

These gorgeous hand-made and hand-painted Japanese folding fans - maiougi are the kind used in Japanese traditional dance. Bring their lightness and delicacy of touch to your home or office. Better still, use one in summer! You'll be surprised at how powerfully a few waves of a fan will cool and refresh. Each folding fan is hand crafted in Kyoto by the renowned folding fan artist Tomokazu Kurashima.

Each fan is painted on both sides with striking natural images reflecting the changing seasons. These fans are 29 cm (11.5 in.) tall and 51 cm (20.8 in.) wide when fully opened. Light gold background.

Note: Fans do not come with the pictured stand.

For large orders, please contact GoodsFromJapan Sales.

These fans make ideal gifts for you, your family and friends - especially when it's hot!

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View 100 Flowers Fan

100 Flowers Fan

Our Price: $98.00

View Black Bamboo Fan Stand

Black Bamboo Fan Stand

Our Price: $35.99

View Blond Bamboo Fan Stand

Blond Bamboo Fan Stand

Our Price: $34.99

View Blue Pine Fan

Blue Pine Fan

Our Price: $98.00

View Camelia and Japanese Maple Fan

Camelia and Japanese Maple Fan

Our Price: $125.00

View Cherry Blossom Fan

Cherry Blossom Fan

Our Price: $98.00

View Flower Carriage Fan

Flower Carriage Fan

Our Price: $98.00

View Mandarin Duck and Camelia Fan

Mandarin Duck and Camelia Fan

Our Price: $125.00

View Peony and Ivy Folding Fan

Peony and Ivy Folding Fan

Our Price: $125.00

View Pine Plum Bamboo Fan

Pine Plum Bamboo Fan

Our Price: $98.00

View Two Cranes

Two Cranes

Our Price: $289.00

View Loquat (Biwa)

Loquat (Biwa)

Our Price: $269.00

View Classic Chinese Poem

Classic Chinese Poem

Our Price: $299.00

View Poet


Our Price: $299.00

View Wisteria


Our Price: $309.00

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