Carp Streamers

Koinobori: Japanese Carp Streamers

Koinobori, literally "koi = carp and nobori = banner are a colorful sight throughout Japan in April and May.

The seasonal festival (sekku) in May was originally an event for driving out evil spirits in China, which came to Japan in the Heian Period (794-1192). Since the Edo Period (1603-1867) this festival was consciously contrasted to the girls (hina matsuri) festival on March 3 and so May 5 in Japan has become the boys' festival. People celebrate their children's birth and pray for their healthy growth by putting up carp-shaped banners in their gardens, roofs and balconies.

Streamers were also flown by samurai in battle and are therefore associated with courage, strength and masculinity.

Our all-nylon koinobori are made in Aichi Prefecture, can be hand-washed and feature new designs by famous Japanese artist Taro Okamoto, who is known as Japan's Picasso.

Koinobori make for attractive and loving gifts of Japanese art for your home, your friends and family and can be displayed as wall-hangings as well as unfurled outdoors.

Our koinobori come in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. presents a range of top quality, precisely made Koinobori.

For details on wholesale orders of the full range of koinobori products, please contact Sales.

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View Koinobori Gold

Koinobori Gold

Our Price: $160.00

View Koinobori: Seiga Set

Koinobori: Seiga Set

Our Price: $295.00

View Keishukunokoi Kicho

Keishukunokoi Kicho

Our Price: $1,800.00

View Indoor Koinobori Set

Indoor Koinobori Set

Our Price: $600.00

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