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Ema are sacred Japanese votive plaques found in almost all Shinto shrines and many other temples in Japan.

They are typically retangular pieces of wood, about the size of your hand, with a design on one side, often representing the main symbol or motif of the shrine or the animal associated with the present year in the Chinese zodiac.

The other side is left blank for supplicants to write a message or wish on. Often these messages are to pass an exam, find a love partner or for the safe delivery of a child. 

Different shrines are associated with different wishes and cover just about every possibility from winning a ball game to improving the beauty of your skin.

Harness the ancient power of the ema and bring change to your life through the power of Japanese religious prayer. 

Choose from a selection of different ema or contact us to find a particular ema from a particular shrine for you.

Extra Service: For those extra-special wishes that just have to come true, GoodsFromJapan will hang your filled-in ema on the grounds of the shrine - for an extra fee starting from USD24.90, but depending on the location of the shrine. 



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View Hirakawa Tenmangu Ema

Hirakawa Tenmangu Ema

Our Price: $9.99

View Kitano Tenmangu Ema

Kitano Tenmangu Ema

Our Price: $12.99

View Onoterusaki Shrine Ema

Onoterusaki Shrine Ema

Our Price: $9.99

View Yushima Tenjin Shrine Ema

Yushima Tenjin Shrine Ema

Our Price: $9.99

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