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Japanese kites are often square or rectangular in shape with a colorful design of a samurai warrior or kabuki character emblazoned on the front.

Japanese kites are traditionally flown in spring and at special kite-flying festivals.

Japanese kites were first flown for religious purposes and symbolize good luck, fertility, and prosperity. Kites were thought to scare away evil spirits.

Our kites are made from the highest-quality paper using traditions handed down over the centuries.

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View Warrior Kite

Warrior Kite

Our Price: $28.99

View Kagami Shishi

Kagami Shishi

Our Price: $32.99

View Sukeroku


Our Price: $39.99

View Shibaraku


Our Price: $39.99

View Dragon Hexagon

Dragon Hexagon

Our Price: $23.99

View Kenshin Diamond

Kenshin Diamond

Our Price: $39.99

View Kenshin Diamond Premium

Kenshin Diamond Premium

Our Price: $99.99

View Kite Strings (Set of 3)

Kite Strings (Set of 3)

Our Price: $9.99

View Ushiwaka Small Kite

Ushiwaka Small Kite

Our Price: $17.99

View Ushiwaka Japanese Kite

Ushiwaka Japanese Kite

Our Price: $19.99

View Yoshitsune Kite

Yoshitsune Kite

Our Price: $19.99

View Ieyasu Kite

Ieyasu Kite

Our Price: $19.99

View Kite Set (Set of 2)

Kite Set (Set of 2)

Our Price: $18.99

View Mini Diamond (set of 3)

Mini Diamond (set of 3)

Our Price: $29.99

View Kite Set (Set of 4)

Kite Set (Set of 4)

Our Price: $32.99

View Japanese Kite Kit

Japanese Kite Kit

Our Price: $19.99

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