Suiboku Water Paintings

Suiboku water paintings by Ransui Yakata, Japanese master watercolor artist and calligrapher.

Suiboku is a style of Japanese water painting. It has a long history, with its roots in China, and is closely associated with the art of calligraphy.

One of waterpainting's major differences from oil painting is the spontaneity of execution it requires. Once a brush stroke has been made, it cannot be changed or disguised. What is painted on the spur of the moment is instantly frozen in time for posterity. Successful waterpainting therefore demands both consummate skill - the honing over the years of unerring painterly instincts, and total absorption in the moment of creation.

Ransui Yakata is a Japanese suiboku artist and calligrapher with a studio in Tokyo. He studied his arts under Chikuryo Yamada, a venerable suiboku and calligraphy teacher on the island of Shikoku

Ransui draws on the whole tradition of suiboku to produce works based on both classic themes and modern, urban and rural - all of them sharing the same infusion of his passion for his art and for life.

These paintings are all one-off originals from the brush of Ransui Yakata. They will transform any living, recreational or office space with their elegant and timeless magic.

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View Camelia Poem

Camelia Poem

Our Price: $300.00

View Gay Paris

Gay Paris

Our Price: $220.00

View Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

Our Price: $200.00

View Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

Our Price: $230.00

View New York, NY

New York, NY

Our Price: $100.00

View Orchids


Our Price: $200.00

View Peony on Gold

Peony on Gold

Our Price: $400.00

View Raging Sea

Raging Sea

Our Price: $300.00

View Roses


Our Price: $200.00

View Standing Cranes

Standing Cranes

Our Price: $100.00

View White Peonies

White Peonies

Our Price: $100.00

View Winter Forest

Winter Forest

Our Price: $200.00

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