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Futon are classic Japanese bedding found in many homes and in also in traditional inns or ryokan.

Futon consist of a lower padded cotton mattress and upper quilt.

Futon are light and can be easily folded and stored in a closet or oshiri in Japanese.

Futon need to be aired outside on a warm, dry, sunny day and can be beaten to remove dust.

Futon go well on a tatami floor and provide a restful night's sleep.


They are particular good for people with bad backs and are ideal as spare beds for guests and friends staying overnight as they can be quickly brought out for use and then folded away later.

Our futon are made with the finest cotton and come in a variety of sizes.

Buyers can choose either the bottom futon and use a duvet as a quilt or purchase the full set of shikibuton or bottom mattress and kakebuton or top quilt.

Futon are expensive to ship as they are bulky but can be vacuum packed to reduce the volume of the package.

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