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Japanese gardens are famous throughout the world for their beauty and simplicity. GoodsFromJapan stocks a variety of Japanese garden products such as rain chains (kusari doi), miniature Japanese dry gardens (karesansui), Okinawan shishi, Japanese roof tiles and gargoyles (onigawara), wind chimes (furin), ceramic tanuki and miniature stone lanterns (toro).

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View Toh Rain Chain

Toh Rain Chain

Our Price: $729.99

View Migumo Rain Chain

Migumo Rain Chain

Our Price: $349.99

View Hamon Rain Chain

Hamon Rain Chain

Our Price: $409.99

View Take Rain Chain

Take Rain Chain

Our Price: $729.99

View Brass & Chrome Weight

Brass & Chrome Weight

Our Price: $54.99

View Copper Rain Chain Weight

Copper Rain Chain Weight

Our Price: $54.99

View Glass Bead Wind Chime

Glass Bead Wind Chime

Our Price: $89.99

View Lapis Chakra Chime

Lapis Chakra Chime

Our Price: $42.99

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