Furoshiki are a type of Japanese wrapping cloth used to wrap just about anything including gifts, lunch boxes and clothes.

The name Furoshiki (風呂敷) literally "bath-spread" came from the Edo Period practice of using the cloth to wrap clothes when people visited the public bath.

Furoshiki can be made in a variety of materials including silk, cotton and nylon. Furoshiki make eco-friendly wrappings especially for food containers on a picnic and can then be used as a table cloth.

Furoshiki can have both traditional and modern designs.

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View Flower Furoshiki

Flower Furoshiki

Our Price: $39.00

View Frog Furoshiki

Frog Furoshiki

Our Price: $19.00

View Hawk Furoshiki

Hawk Furoshiki

Our Price: $42.00

View Hokusai Furoshiki

Hokusai Furoshiki

Our Price: $25.00

View Large Frog Furoshiki

Large Frog Furoshiki

Our Price: $49.00

View Patterned Furoshiki

Patterned Furoshiki

Our Price: $35.00

View Red Fuji Furoshiki

Red Fuji Furoshiki

Our Price: $25.00

View Sakura Furoshiki

Sakura Furoshiki

Our Price: $43.00

View Traditional Furoshiki

Traditional Furoshiki

Our Price: $25.00

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