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Ainu Handbags

Ainu Bags

Hand-sewn and embroidered Ainu style-bags.

The Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido and northern Japan. After centuries of assimilation and cultural suppression there has been a recent resurgence and interest in traditional Ainu culture, especially their embroidery work. There is a stylistic similarity to Celtic design and techniques.

Yoko Suhara studied under Ogawa Sanae and Kato Machiko, two Ainu sisters famous throughout Japan for their embroidery. Yoko Suhara's handiwork has come down from countless generations past, and with it she breaths new life into this ancient craft.

Enjoy it here, from GoodsFromJapan. 

These handmade bags from Japan's original settlers make an ideal gift for anyone.

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Ainu Bag 1

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Ainu Bag 2

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Ainu Bag 3

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Ainu Bag 4

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Ainu Bag 5

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