Casio XD-GF9800

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Released in February 2009, the Casio XD-GF9800 is one of Casio's latest models.

This model contains 1,000,000-word technical term references and Kenkyusha's 480,000 Japanese to English dictionary.


* Stylus Input - Enter English and Japanese Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana using the stylus pen and input pad
* Backlit Screen - Perfect for flights and late night study or work

*Touch-panel Screen
*10,000 Japanese-word audio content Meikyo dictionary, 235 poems in classical dictionary
*"Jump" function
*Searches multiple dictionaries simultaneously

*Comes with 2 AAA batteries that will last 60 to 130 hours
*LCD display Letter Input Method Romaji (English) or Kana input Character Display Size
*One stylus pen
*Earphones (3.5 mm plug)
*USB cable

Catalogue No: XD-GF9800
Size: 154 x 110 x 15.5 - 19.7 mm; Display Size 5.4" (115.6 mm by 73.1 mm) 480 by 320 pixels

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Casio XD-GF9800

Casio XD-GF9800


Main Dictionaries

Japanese to English

*Progressive (3rd Ed.) Dictionary - 90,000 entries
*Kenkyusha (5th Ed.) Dictionary - 480,000 entries
*Technical Translators Term Dictionary - 1,000,000 English to Japanese terms
*Reader's (2nd Ed.) Dictionary - 270,000 entries
*Reader's Plus Dictionary - 190,000 entries
*Genius Dictionary - 255,000 entries

*Kenkyusha New Edition English Collocation Dictionary - 380,000 entries
*Technical term translator's Dictionary - 1,000,000 terms (English)
*Oxford Dictionary of English - 355,000 entries
*Oxford  English Thesaurus - 600,000 entries
*Oxford Collocations Dictionary - 150,000 words
*Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 183,500 (Japanese)
*Digital Daijisen Dictionary - 230,000 entries
*Meikyo Dictionary - 70,000 entries and Japanese audio - 10,000 words
*New Kangorin Kanji Dictionary - 14,353 characters/42,000 kanji compounds
*NHK Japanese Accent Dictionary - 69,000 entries
*Modern Katakana Dictionary - 13,200 entries

*Japanese Proverb Dictionary - 4,500 entries
*Four-kanji compound Word Dictionary - 1,450 entries Encyclopedias

*Encylopedia Britannica - 154,000 entries (Japanese)
*Mypedia - 66,000 entries/1,800 diagrams (Japanese)

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